Etiotherapy works at the intersection of your physical, biological and emotional states, providing a unique new way to heal

What is Etiotherapy?

Etiotherapy is a route to increased well being: helpful in treating a very wide range of physical, mental and emotional discomfort. As a collection of techniques, it aims to illuminate the root cause of an issue, allowing a natural healing process to take place. Etiotherapy considers that each part of a person contains within it information about the state of the of an individual as a whole. We find that the patterns that make up the smallest units are seen repeated throughout the entirety of a larger collection of those parts. Seen throughout the natural world, reflecting on ourselves in this way and using methods to interpret such patterns can be used as a diagnostic tool to reveal the cause of physical-emotional misalignment. We each have a powerful natural ability to absorb, process and heal injuries but this process can be blocked or interrupted, leaving us carrying around unresolved ailments. The effect of this ripples out through us a person, sometimes with profound consequences. Etiotherapy seeks to reveal any such unresolved healing, and ultimately allow this process to complete.

How does Etiotherapy work?

Throughout a session your radial pulse is monitored while applying techniques based in auricular medicine linking information from the pulse with specific information held in our body. Our bodies can often reveal to us that which our conscious minds are unaware of -and in doing so, help release the stress and negative patterns or beliefs that cause imbalance.  By bringing specific blocked information into focus we create an opportunity to accept and process that which needs to be digested, and in turn we are able to let go and return to a clearer more balanced state.

What you can expect from a treatment

Etio treatments are typically 60 to 90 minutes in length. You will remain clothed and relax in whatever way you are comfortable; most people choose to lie down. Various techniques are used to bring your attention to the root of negative patterns or beliefs by illuminating specific years, people or events in your life where unprocessed issues may be present.  The information that comes up is generally very specific and will always resonate in a way that allows for awareness and acceptance to take place. When traumatic information is left unprocessed it can create imbalance in the physical, mental and emotional states so following a session people generally feel a great deal of relief or a feeling of lightness.  It's appropriate to take at least a month between treatments as this pause is an important part of the therapy in which you have time to process everything brought up in the previous session. There is no requirement for multiple visits and people can benefit from single sessions, some people find it can be beneficial to return a few times a year.  

Is Etiotherapy suitable for you?

One of the things that is most amazing about Etiotherapy is the breadth of its applicability. From anxiety, anger, depression and apathy to chronic back pain, there is so commonly an extra-physiological component to things we struggle with. Whatever your specific condition, it's likely that Etiotherapy can at least act in compliment to other therapies to improve your well being, if not make marked progress where other treatments may have been ineffective. There are no restrictions on the suitability of Etiotherapy with regard to age, sex or pregnancy. If you are curious as to how Etiotherapy may be able to help you, I'm always happy to discuss your particular case via email or on the phone ahead of any appointment being made. If you have any questions, please contact me to find out more.


Origins of Etiotherapy

Etiotherapy arose from the attempts of western mathematicians and physicians seeking to understand broad interpretations of all aspects of the human experience:  accounting for emotional states as well as physical ones - but perhaps most importantly, recognizing them as indistinct. Dr. P. Nogier researched auriculomedicine, examining the interesting relationship between the meridians of the ear and the body, and working with a fractal model of physiology - seeing general aspects of health and well being represented in the condition of the ears. A student of Dr. Nogier, Dr. Brinette, extended these ideas and more generally described the relationship between emotional sates and physiological conditions. Elsewhere Dr. G Guiguen - a physiotherapist - sought to include the research of the mathematician Stephane Lupasco in creating a complete model of a person, accounting for the inter-connectivity of their physical emotional and psychological states.

Drawing on all aspects of these studies,  Dr. Patrick Latour  created a collection of practices and treatment that accounts for a complete understanding of the cause of ailments - finding success in his initial treatment models where other modalities had failed, he went on to refine the most effective of these practices as Etiotherapy.


Colette helped me to understand that a stressful event in my past was having a profound impact on my day to day life and causing seemingly unrelated physical pain. I’d have never associated it with my symptoms. I have experienced relief from long standing discomfort since.